Thursday, 07 March 2024 / Published in recommendation
With its heart on the Danube and its spirit forever young, Galati is a vibrant Romanian city with a rich history and a unique atmosphere. But how do the locals see it? What do they like, what do they dislike, and what are the places they recommend with love? Let’s explore Galati through the eyes
Monday, 25 October 2021 / Published in recommendation
Vacations sound better and better in today’s environment, and we know from experience that you don’t want to carry a lot of luggage that will tire and confuse you. Among the most sought-after travel tips are the tricks to packing the ideal bag: compact, light, complete. It may sound like a contradiction and you don’t
Friday, 17 September 2021 / Published in News, recommendation
We talk about what nature gives us, which is the most luxurious hotel we have. It gives us the opportunity to build the most innovative relaxation spaces. But he also asks us to be careful with what we leave behind us in the places we travel. In September, we have 2 occasions that not only
Thursday, 26 August 2021 / Published in News
We already know that the HORECA industry was among the most affected by the pandemic. And more than a victim of the situation, we remember how the Sars Cov 1 virus started as an outbreak in 2003 from a hotel in Hong Kong. So, hotels are since then even more in continuous struggle with these