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You are one of the couples who have been waiting for the big day for a year?
Or are you happy to say YES in a year when things seem to be back to normal?
We know for sure that you want your family close, friends together and beautiful party! And we help you, because 2021 is the opening year of the Orient Galati hotel and this is how we spend the anniversary year, with offers and with the hope that we can contribute to a better year.

Say YES more relaxed and party in Galați

Since July 8, more than six people have been sitting at the table with you, as was foreseen until now in the state of alert. It’s the perfect opportunity to revise the invitations, and celebrate the good news that you’re becoming a family deserves. Relatives from out of town, from other cities, and old friends can come who can’t wait to listen to the music of a successful wedding and worship for you.
You take care of the music and the feast, but we, at the Orient Hotel, take care of the sleep that prepares them for the party or the rest afterwards.

We have prepared, for 2021, packages for the accommodation of guests at a wedding as it should be. And with each one we include something you deserve, because you’ve been waiting for this day: a room just for you, for your wedding night, for FREE.

A place to retreat to for your post-wedding toast. Complete relaxation, great daytime pampering and a sleep to dream of your new life together as a young family.

Packages with accommodation for guests in Galați
Event experts are predicting that daytime weddings will be a reality in 2021, after up to 70 percent of couples who wanted to tie the knot in 2020 have postponed their nuptials. You may have to do the wedding on Friday, or you’ll want everyone who had to stay away with you. And what goes with a Friday party? Relaxation like a weekend, with rest at the hotel. But also for the epic parties you prepare, lucky to have a reservation at the restaurant on the weekend, rest before and after the party contributes to the success, to the happiness of the guests and why not, to a better start for you.

We are preparing a total of 72 rooms for guests:
• 30 Twin Rooms,
• 38 Double Rooms,
• 3 apartments
• 1 Triple Room.

You can fearlessly invite your entire guest list and promise them the wedding of the year with you. Orient Hotel helps you with special packages, with benefits and a wedding gift, from us:

We are also waiting for you for limited reservations, with the promise of comfort guaranteed by a new hotel opened in 2021 and a convenient location for townspeople and guests from outside. The TV Tower is 250 meters from the property and wedding restaurants are accessible in all 4 directions.

Orient Hotel is not coming to the wedding, but it is preparing a gift for you
We know how important your wedding day is, but also how stressful. We are preparing you, from our experience in the field of events and with the desire to be close to a new family, a sanctuary room, just for the two of you, BONUS to the above packages.

How to take advantage of this space: 

• The bridal chamber is where you take refuge to get back to your rhythm. It is the place where you retreat fprp to know about the rest of the things related to the organization.
• It can become the place to take the photos of the bridesmaids.
• It’s the oasis of calm when you need refreshment after the ceremony at the church and before the hall, especially since we also have good photo locations so close.

Promises for the safety of you and your family:
• We keep an interval of 72 hours before accommodating the next guest in the room
• Young staff are trained and open to help
• The rooms have air conditioning, so there is always perfect weather for comfort with us
• We offer other benefits upon request

Wedding gift idea: A room for the bride and groom or Rooms for guests

It is a special gift that can be given by godparents, parents, or the group of friends from Galati to the bride and groom.
If you want to make a perfect wedding gift, which says how much the new couple deserves to spend with their loved ones, gathered from all over the country and abroad, come to Hotel Orient*** and reserve the rooms for guests of the newlyweds gift.
We are the perfect partner for an unparalleled wedding surprise.

Orient Hotel eagerly awaits your requests, at the contact details and at the non-stop reception, and prepares offers by which we join you in celebrating new families in Galaţi.

Words with the wisdom of the East, which inspire us:
“Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

For details and reservations, surprises and details, we can help you by phone 0771 626 075 and on

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